• Clinical Nutrition

    Program Overview:

       Clinical Nutrition is the science relates healthy with food, study of different food types effect on health and how to deal with this. Clinical nutrition program from TREE introduces to you this study, and trained you on how to plan a healthy meal

  • Cosmetic & Laser Diploma

    Program Overview:

       Advancement in Cosmetic & Laser has allowed Cosmetic & Laser implants to be one of the most viable options for Cosmetic & Laser in the recent years. Implant Cosmetic & Laser has also enabled the Cosmetic & Laser practitioner to offer to patients

  • Focused Assessment With Sonography in Trauma ( FAST)

    Program Overview:

    • Trauma is still the leading cause of death in the first 4 decades of life in developed world

  • Health Care Soft Skills

    Health Care Soft Skills Program From TREE Training Solutions For Medical Training .

  • Infection Control

    Program Overview:

       Infection control becomes a basic term in any medical organization and one of its quality criteria a must be applied. Its measure indicates to how much this organization should be trusted and introduces medical services safely.

  • Quality & Healthcare Management

    Program Overview:

      Quality and Healthcare become one of basics terms for any organization especially medical organizations. Quality rates define how much this organization can gain customer trust and introduces professional services with quality meets patients' satisfaction.