Prof. Moustafa Aboushelib

Prof. Moustafa Aboushelib

Professor Doctor in Dental Biomaterials Dept, Faculty of Dentistry PhD degree from University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2004-2007).

Dr. Moustafa Aboushelib Obtained Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from Faculty of Dentistry, Alexandria University in 1997 with Excellent and Honor grade as rank one of his class. He assigned a permanent teaching position in the department of Restorative Dentistry and Biomaterials as an assistant lecturer (1998).

He finished his master degree (MSc) and specialization certificate programs in restorative dentistry, root canal treatment and fixed prosthodontics (2003). Dr. Moustafa obtained his PhD degree from University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2004-2007). And now he is a Professor of biomaterials in dental biomaterials department at faculty of dentistry, Alexandria University.

Dr. Moustafa studies more than 5 special education courses, and wrote around 60 international scientific publications and research papers , and he presented internationally around 30 scientific presentations . Now Dr. Moustafa is working on 6 different projects one of them with corporate with NASA (NASA Cares/life fatigue probability of zirconia.)