Clinical Nutrition

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Program Overview:

   Clinical Nutrition is the science relates healthy with food, study of different food types effect on health and how to deal with this. Clinical nutrition program from TREE introduces to you this study, and trained you on how to plan a healthy meal

and which food is useful for those who are complain from serious medical diseases.

Who Should Attend:

    For medical background persons who are seeking to continue their career in nutrition field. For non-medical who is their work or lifestyle is related to nutrition such as athletes, pregnancies , who are medically compromised patients and those who want to improve their food lifestyle into healthy lifestyle.

Program Learning Outcome:

By the end of this program, trainees will be able to:

  • Have the ability to create a healthy food system.
  • Have the ability to recognize which nutrition habits are right and which is wrong.
  • Have the ability to define the right clinical nutrition food system for who is medically compromised patient.

Program Outline:

  • Nutritional Assessment.
  • Nutrition throughout Life Cycle.
  • Meal Planning.
  • Management of Malnutrition.
  • MNT for Cardiovascular Disease *MNT for Diabetes.
  • MNT for Liver Disease *MNT for Renal Disease.
  • MNT for Immunological Disorders.
  • Nutritional Supplements.

Program Duration:

  • Hours: 64 hrs.
  • Lectures: 16 lecs. , 1 lec./ week.
  • Lecture Duration: 4 hrs.
  • Practical: 4 lectures in a Hospital or Medical Center.


Dr.Mona Emara

   Consultant in internal medicine Therapeutic feeding and Obesity specialist,
   Higher institute of Public Health,
   Alexandria University.


  1. Certificate by the program curriculum and practical training from the hospital where the training takes place and signed from the program instructor.
  2. TREE Certificate by program curriculum signed from the program instructor.
  3. Attendance Certificate from TREE.


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