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TREE Training Solutions

TREE is an Egyptian training and consultative company that aims to upgrade the vocational trainings levels through the great interest in the practical and applied side to support and strengthen the theoretical studies and increase the quality rates for the training process in general which is going to be a base for an Egyptian scientific and technical renaissance.


"Lead the vocational Training Field in Egypt and Arab world by providing the highest scientific training quality"

  • Provide scientific quality of vocational training mainly characterized by a respect for the mind of the student and potential technical, material and requirements of the training.

  • Leadership in the field of vocational training in Egypt and the Arab world through the trust and close relationship we build gradually with customers resulting from the deal within the framework of respect and credibility, a primary objective of the company


"Providing all needed tools for the scientific training with the highest international training quality criteria, and providing the best educational and training service in Egypt and Arab World"

  • Access to the maximum possible benefit for all learners by raising the quality rates of the training elements as professionalism of the lecturers, programs' scientific materials, training halls and through the highest attention to the practical and applied trainings.
  • Build friendly and strong relationship with all customers based on respect and mutual trust, which is the core of credibility and honesty in all dealings, information and communicating during and after the training program duration.
  • In addition to facilitating the training process for residents outside the geographical area of TREE company in a modern style with the latest technological developments, which keep his full advantages of the training program equally with those who attend onsite in TREE halls.

TREE Values


Fidelity to our vision and mission with confident belief in our work..

Real Knowledge

Unrelenting pursuit through researches & latest learning Methods.

Excellence & Integrity

We deliver educational service in excellence and integrity methods.

Differentiate Ourselves

By providing an excellent facilities, practical training, qualified instructors and customer service.


Providing the highest training quality to lead medical education.

Highest Standards

We are orientated to the highest standards in the medical field.

Community Service

Introducing medical education that develop healthcare services .

Continuous Improving

Never stop learning to meet the latest educational methods.

TREE History

"TREE was founded in February 2016, and its official opening was in 21 March 2016 In the beginning TREE has introduced 4 basic training programs ; Hospital Management program , Infection Control Program , Clinical Nutrition Program for both medical and non- medical background trainees and Healthcare Quality management Program ."

  • Then other programs has been introduced such as; Cosmetics and laser Program and the pharmaceutical Compositions Program.
  • Lately TREE has entered new medical training fields such as; Dentistry field, Nursing field and specialized medicine field.
  • Along this Time TREE has trained about 200 trainees in different programs by both theoretical and practical training in medical organizations.
  • Also TREE has introduced Cooperate training service , for example Tree has trained Department of Internal Medicine , Police Hospital ; they are trained on two from TREE programs; hospital management & clinical nutrition.

TREE Strategy

TREE Strategy is built on two main basics:

  • First the quality of the theoretical studies which is include the quality of the scientific materials , the professionalism of the instructors who are experts in their fields, the quality of training facilities and providing all needed tools during the training process.
  • Second, the practical training which is applied in a suitable medical organization, and makes the trainees meet the reality and be aware of new technics and applications by hands on training on this new techniques.
Providing a direct communicating with the program instructor during and after the training program by building a long- term relationship between them and between TREE and trainees.


An effort to achieve better trust and quality standards of all our trainees.
TREE Training Solutions for medical training got an accreditation as a formal training organization by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and included in the approved centers of the Central Authority for Organization & Administration record as a certified training organization at the national level.


Because our main objective at TREE is “Training Respecting Your Mind”
TREE has assigned a joint cooperation protocol with Al Yousr Hospital, which is one of the most specialized hospitals in Alexandria (Kidney & Urology Center – Alexandria) as an official partner for practical trainings for all TREE programs , and providing for each trainee an accredited certificate from the hospital administration by the applied practical training.